Leading Causes of Foundation Problems in Ocala, Florida Homes

When you are having foundation problems in your Ocala home, there can be lot of different factors involved. There is no universal answer, and diagnosing why your foundation is having issues requires an in-depth examination of all the common causes to rule out which one is causing your problems.

Desiccation/Soil Shrinkage

When the moisture in the soil evaporates and is not replaced during prolonged periods of drought, it can become desiccated. When this happens, its volume shrinks and can result in it being pulled away from the foundation. The loss of supporting compression in the soil can cause the foundation to shift outward as the house settles. In turn, the shifting leads to cracks forming in the drywall and concrete all over the house. In addition to drought, tree roots too close to the foundation can also cause shrinking by the natural process of pulling water from the surrounding soil that is near the foundation.

Inferior Soil Composition

Aside from desiccated soil conditions, if the composition is not stable it can lead to issues with bearing the weight of a home’s foundation. Things are naturally decomposing, such as plant and animals, can lead to changes in the soil’s volume over time, resulting in loss of support and weakened areas in the foundation as it bows and cracks.

Improperly Prepared Site and Construction

Before the foundation of any building is laid, the site must be properly prepared. The earth beneath a foundation needs to have a good composition of solid dirt that has been compacted down to reduce any potential shifting and loss of support for the foundation. The other construction related issue is if a contractor fails to use the proper amount of steel supports during construction.

The Nature of Concrete

There are many different mixtures of concrete, but each one expands when it is wet then shrinks as it dries. During the process of building the foundation, if the concrete is setup in layers, areas called cold joints will form and can be potential pockets for water to get into and cause weakness and cracks. The water can seep in from the surrounding soil if it lacks proper drainage, or from leaking plumbing inside the home. If you notice any type of cracking in your home’s concrete or drywall, contact us at Ram Jack Solid Foundations today. The longer you wait to tend to a foundation problem, the harder it will be to fix it.

If you are having foundation problems in your Ocala home, contact Ram Jack Solid Foundations now. They provide affordable solutions for all your foundation issues.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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