Simple Tips for Carpet Installation in Spring, TX

No matter the size or shape of a space, installing carpet is a time consuming task that requires a certain level of skill for a quality finish. Use these simple tips for carpet installation in Spring, TX to help make the job easier.

Use the right tools – Carpet installation in Spring, TX requires using specific tools to make the installation process easier and to give the results a professional finish. Some of the essential tools to have on hand include items such as a steel tape measure, seam tape, a utility knife, a knee kicker and a carpet stretcher. Depending on the type of carpet you use and features of the installation space, you may need to use additional tools such as a hammer, finishing nails and a miter saw.

Prepare sub-flooring properly – Before you begin carpet installation, it is important to make sure that the sub-flooring that the carpet will rest on is properly prepared. This preparation includes activities such as removing all debris from the surface, making sure that it is level, and sealing it to ensure that it is watertight. All of these factors ensure that you get the best results possible on the finished carpet installation and that you avoid problems in the future related to mold and other moisture issues.

Measure the room accurately – It is important to measure the room properly before you begin carpet installation. Along with measuring the main portion of the room, make sure to account for hidden areas such as closets, staircases and hallways. Measuring properly ensures that you have enough carpet on hand to complete the installation, reduces carpet costs by using only as much as required and helps to eliminate waste.

Look out for in-floor features – When installing carpet that has in-floor features such as heating vents and outlets it is important to remember where they are during installation. Lay the carpet around these features for safety and so that they remain accessible.

These simple tips can help you with carpet installation in Spring, TX. For hassle free carpet installation, contact a professional carpet installation company like ATL Carpet Flooring. They will lay any type of carpet in any size and shape room of your home quickly and efficiently.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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