Stuart Florida Homeowners: 3 Tips for Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

The hardwood floors in your home add value to the property and add a beautiful aesthetic. You want your floors to last for many years, and here are some tips for how to care for hardwood floors.

Routine Cleaning of Hardwood Floors

Dust, dirt and debris makes hardwood floors look dingy and may damage the finish. If you spill something, clean it up right away. Use a soft bristle brush and dustpan for loose debris and a moist cloth for liquid spills. You should also sweep and mop the floors each week.

What You Should Do Every Month for Your Hardwood Floors

Set aside some time each month to polish your hardwood floors. This removes any scuffs and light scratches in the surface and protects the finish. Make sure that you use products that are designed for light hardwood floor polishing. As you clean, look for areas of damage, such as pitting, peeling from the subfloor, chips and deep gouges in the wood.

Deep Clean Hardwood Floors at Least One Time Each Year

Once a year, do a thorough and deep cleaning of the hardwood. This may involve sanding and refinishing area with damage. A deep cleaning removes the finish to reveal the hardwood, so you will need to set aside enough time to reapply the finish to the surface of the wood.

Learn More About Hardwood Flooring in Stuart, Florida

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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