The Benefits of Upgrading Your Landscaping in Westport, Connecticut

Are you considering making changes to your Landscaping in Westport Connecticut? Many property owners choose to do so to increase the curb appeal and value of their real estate. However, there are numerous other benefits associated with upgrading that many individuals are unaware of. Following are some of these benefits.

Cooler Temperatures

Did you know that grass is cooler than bare soil? It also has a lower temperature than cement and asphalt, and having a well-tended yard helps to cool the home. Use the savings to add new hardscape features or put that money towards a well-needed vacation. Plant tall trees on the west and south side of the home and you’ll find these savings multiply. Doing so also helps to reduce any glare entering the home so you can see more clearly.

Boost Your Health

A gorgeous landscape encourages people to go outside and make use of it. Being outdoors is good for the health in a variety of ways, and simply viewing plants is enough to bring your blood pressure down. Attention and memory improve when you spend time outside, and people who are surrounded by greenery typically have lower health care costs and less stress. Upgrade your landscape and receive these health benefits and more.

Environmental Benefits

Trees and grass collect dust and smoke, produce oxygen needed for human life and remove carbon dioxide. One tree is capable of removing enough carbon dioxide to offset driving your vehicle 11,000 miles. Every tree and plant helps to buffer against stormwater runoff, plants work to remove pollution from water, and woody plants are of great help in reducing downstream flooding along with erosion.

If you want help with Landscaping in Westport, Connecticut, give Northeast Horticultural Services a call. They’ll help you design the perfect landscape for your property and can be of assistance with organic lawn care, landscape construction and masonry, and more.

Visit the Website to see examples of their work and you are sure to be impressed. Begin the process today so you can have a gorgeous property you love to show off. They are ready to help in any way they can.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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