The Importance of Commercial Foundation Upkeep

If business owners or property managers are noticing cracks in their walls and floors, or even gaps around their windows and doors, it may be time to have their commercial foundation inspected. In addition to the structural damage that may have taken place, cracks in the foundation may allow water to seep into the building, which can lead to unsafe and unhealthy conditions such as the infestation of mold and mildew.

Deal with Experienced and Certified Contractors

Customers should only deal with companies that hire certified Symons Architectural and Remodeling contractors. They should also inquire if the contractors have a degree in civil engineering. Ask if the company has handled repairing floor joists, straightening damaged or bowed walls, as well as installing reinforcements.

Repairs Now Can Save Time Later

As a foundation shifts and settles, it can cause cosmetic damage to businesses that takes time to repair and can also cause lost revenue if the business needs to close. Additionally, damaged walls or misaligned doors and windows must be constantly fixed as the foundation continues to shift. Foundation damage can also cause plumbing issues and basement flooding. It is imperative for property managers to stay on top of these problems and be proactive rather than reactive.

Don’t Let Water Become a Problem

Sometimes, commercial foundation water problems have transpired over time before any irreversible damage occurs. If a business or home owner sees any rust forming or notices cracks in the walls or floors, is it time to have their foundation checked. They should log onto to see the full array of waterproofing services and drainage solutions available.

Waterproofing a Basement Is a Great Investment

When hiring a service to waterproof a basement, homeowners should insist on making sure that the work is backed by a guarantee. They should find a company that can provide drainage services that include drywall and sewer hookups as well as sump pumps. If there is a crawl space, the company should have experience with overhauling them. Customers should ask if the company has experience in dealing with walls that are perforated, which will allow weep holes to drain any excess water. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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