Tips for Landscaping in Fairfield Connecticut

by | Nov 6, 2015 | landscaping

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Anyone starting from scratch or new to Landscaping in Fairfield Connecticut would do well to work with a professional. In the beginning, it can be difficult to start from nothing. A company like Northeast Horticultural Services can help any homeowner come up with a plan for their outdoor space. The following tips are designed to help homeowners who are doing their own landscaping in Fairfield Connecticut, and those who are working with a professional.

Don’t fight mother nature

There are certain plants that just won’t do well in certain areas. Tropical plants that need warm winters, for example. These types of plants won’t winter over well in New England. If the landscaper advises you against certain plants, take the advice. Insisting upon them will only lead to frustration down the line.

Know your limitations, and time constraints

Some plants take more care than others. The most gorgeous landscaping will wither away without proper care. Plants will die back without adequate watering, feeding, and weeding. Plants can also grow quickly, and they can quickly become unruly. Ask the landscaper for easy to care for plants if there’s no desire to put in a large amount of time caring for them.

The easiest to care for plants in an area will be those that are native to that area. The temperatures and precipitation are perfect for these plants since they grow naturally in the area. These will be the easiest plants to keep alive, and the ones that are most likely to come back year after year.

Listen to the professional

The landscaper will provide detailed care instructions. Follow these instructions, so the plants stay healthy. The most critical time for plants is the weeks after they’re planted. The shock of being transplanted is hard on them. They’ll need a bit of extra care during this time. Give it to them, so they root well and flourish.

Follow the above tips and soon the yard will be filled with lovely plants, trees, and shrubs. Pay attention to care instructions, know how much work you’re willing to put in, and work with mother nature. Click Here for more information on landscaping. Visit our website

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