Understanding Eligibility With A Worker’s Compensation Attorney In Florence, KY

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Legal Services

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A Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Florence, KY assist employees who were turned down by insurance providers to receive these benefits. The requirements for benefits are that the injury sustained must present the employee with the inability to perform his or her job functions due to the injury. Initially, the insurance providers emergency medical attention for the employee. This includes any treatments or medications that are required for the injury. To discover more about worker’s comp claims, contact the law offices of david m. Blank.

Understanding Eligibility

With worker’s compensation, you do not simply qualify because you were injured on the job. While, yes, your employer is responsible for providing medical coverage for your injuries, he or she is not responsible if you failed to follow safety policies. If it is determined in your case that you deliberately failed to follow policies, your employer can deny worker’s comp coverage. An example of these failures is an slip and fall-based injury in which the employee was not wearing proper footwear required through the safety policy.

Local Attorneys

The Law Offices of David M. Blank provides you with effective worker’s compensation claims. These claims present detailed information related to your injuries. This includes the nature of the injuries as well as how they were sustained. Your claim should indicate whether this injury is permanent or if it is long-term it should state the required recovery time. Medical records acquired during the initial medical treatment should establish these determinations. If you need to hire an attorney for a work-related injury, contact the law offices of david m. Blank today.


Through a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Florence, KY, you receive the opportunity to file a claim in court for your injuries. This claim presents the judge with adequate information related to your injuries which will help him or her establish whether your denial was unjustified. For instance, if you sustain an injury that will prevent you from returning to work for a lengthy amount of time, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits during your recovery time. However, to qualify for benefits you are required to follow safety policies established by your employer.

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