Understanding The Odds With The Help Of A Criminal Defense Attorney In Fullerton

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Legal Services

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A Criminal Defense Attorney in Fullerton assists you with fighting a conviction. Depending upon the crime for which you are accused, your attorney can arrange bail for your release if permitted by the judge. Your attorney will also assist you in enter a plea at your arraignment. It is imperative for you to share all details of your case with your attorney to ensure that all facts are gathered on both sides of the spectrum. This attorney will review all evidence submitted by the prosecution to determine the odds stacked against you. To hire an criminal defense attorney contact the Law Offices of Rondee J. Eagle.

Criminal Charges and the Odds Against You

Criminal charges range from misdemeanor to felony and hold strict punishments based on the severity and nature of the crime. Your attorney will examine all evidence that is submitted by the prosecution as he or she has the right to do so. This will assist your attorney in determining whether the evidence is a solid link to the crime or if it is merely circumstantial. It will also assist your attorney in constructing a criminal defense for you to fight a conviction.

Local Criminal Defense

The Law Offices of Rondee J. Eagle provides clients with criminal defense for adult and juvenile cases. This attorney also focuses on DUI cases in which both minors or adults are accused of driving under the influence. The attorney is familiar with criminal law as it relates to felony and misdemeanor charges and will assist you throughout your case. If you need a criminal defense attorney for a DUI or other criminally -based infraction, contact the Law Offices of Rondee J. Eagle today or visit seekjustice4all.com.

Your Criminal Defense Attorney in Fullerton presents the facts related to your case in court to assist you in securing an acquittal of all charges. This attorney acts on your behalf throughout these proceedings to retain your freedom from incarceration. The severity of the crime in which you are accused determines the probable sentence that you are facing. Your attorney will explain these legalities to you to ensure that you understand. If you are facing criminal felony or misdemeanor charges, contact the Law Offices of Rondee J. Eagle today and schedule a consultation.

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