When You Might Need a Family Lawyer in New Market

One of the biggest reasons why people have to see a family lawyer is because of a divorce that is in the process, but there are also other reasons. Family lawyers can be seen for adoption proceedings, child support, and/or child custody purposes outside of a divorce. A family lawyer in New Market advises and represents clients for various family issues. Here are some things that potential clients may want to know more about when seeking a family lawyer.

Reasons to Hire a Family Lawyer

The most obvious reason people want to hire a family lawyer is for a divorce case and, when choosing one, the attorney should have a good rapport with the client. Things the family lawyer can assist with in these cases include, but are not limited to, the division of property, the fair distribution of all assets that were accumulated during the marriage, and also ensuring that the client does not inherit most of the liabilities that were accumulated during the marriage. The family lawyer will also help the client when issues such as alimony or palimony come up.

More Reasons to Get a Family Lawyer

A family lawyer can also assist clients with parenting agreements, which may include legal information such as health care for the children, and how to handle joint custody situations. A family lawyer will also be of value for handling matters before couples are even married, such as prenuptial agreements, bringing both parties to the table to finalize premarital issues. Finally, a family lawyer can be beneficial when it comes to handling complex adoption issues, such as for children who are not U.S. citizens.

Finding a Family Lawyer in New Market, Maryland

Whatever the family law issue is, the client will want to do research to ensure the family lawyer chosen can handle the matter. Russell & Heffner are attorneys in the New Market area who offer family law services to clients. Individuals or families in need of a family lawyer in New Market can contact these attorneys. Get legal help by visiting their website at www.russellandheffner.com.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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